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Github CLI headless install

Download & Install Github CLI. Run gh pr status, you will be prompted to connect gh to your Github account, open the link it generates in a web browser, login and authorize the application. You will be redirected to a localhost address, copy the full address. Now you will need another terminal open one the same system, use wget/curl to pass the authorization onto the gh client: wget -O- GITHUB_URL Read more →

Git feature branch & merge

Start with your master branch git checkout master git fetch origin If your local master has been modified, you can reset its state. git reset --hard origin/master Checkout a new feature branch. git checkout -b my-feature Make changes in this branch, committing as usual. git add file.txt git commit -m "add my file.txt" You can push your branch to allow others and yourself to evaluate and commit further to it. Read more →
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